This page provides steps-by-step instructions for deployment of SPL server components (UV Hub, UV Shadow, UV Tracks, and UV Cockpit) with Docker containers.

System Requirements

Deploying SPL system with Docker containers requires the following prerequisites:

  1. Computer with Mission Planner or QGroundControl GCS installed.
  2. Computer accessible from the Internet with Docker installed.
  3. Activated RockBLOCK Mk2 or RockBLOCK 9603 Iridium satellite communication module, if ISBD channel will be used.


Follow these steps to deploy SPL servers with Docker using container images from Docker Hub:

  1. Download docker-compose.yml file to the computer with Docker client installed.
  2. Modify docker-compose.yml file to change the values of MAV_AUTOPILOT, MAV_TYPE, MAV_SYSID, ROCKBLOCK_IMEI, ROCKBLOCK_USERNAME, ROCKBLOCK_PASSWORD container’s environment variable to match your autopilot firmware, RockBLOCK IMEI, Rock 7 user name and password.
  3. Use docker-compose command to create the Docker containers:

    docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up
  4. Register URL http://<IP address>:5080/mo as delivery address in Rock 7 Core services for your RockBLOCK. Choose HTTP_POST as the delivery format.
  5. Set host configuration properties of [tcp] configuration section in radioroom.conf UV Radio Room configuration file to the UV Hub server IP address.
  6. Connect the GCS to the autopilot using regular radio-telemetry or USB connection and save the on-board parameters to a file.
  7. Connect the GCS to shadow port 5757 on the UV Hub server machine and upload the on-board parameters from the file to the vehicle. (This will update the parameters in the vehicle shadow.)

After the installation is completed, GCS can be connected to port 5760 on the UV Hub server machine. UV Cockpit home web page will be available at http://<IP address>/uvcockpit/ address.

Tightening Security

To restrict access to the SPL server configure firewall on the UV Hub server machine to:

  • Allow access to port 5080 to IP addresses and of Rock 7 services;
  • Allow access to port 5060 to the IP ranges of UV Radio Room. (Cellular internet providers will typically use dynamic IP addresses those may be reassigned on reboots.)
  • Allow access to ports 5760 and 5757 to the GCS machines.
  • All access to port 80 to the web browser’s client machines.

Make sure that the firewall’s in-bound rules are updated whenever the GCS clients IP addresses are changed.


Use docker log command to retrieve logs of Docker containers.