Version 2.1 of SPL global telemetry system is now available.

SPL 2.1 includes the following new features:

  • Supports both Iridium SBD and the Internet comm links. The system can be configured to use only one channel, or two channels in fail-over mode. For example, slower and more expensive ISBD channel could be used only when WiFi or cellular Internet connection is not available.
  • Supports persistent shadow that stores reported states, mission plans, and on-board parameters of the vehicles. A web service provides read access to the shadow’s data.
  • Includes a new 3D vehicle tracking sample web application that shows both vehicle tracks and missions.
  • Simplifies the server software deployment.

In SPL 2.1 SPL GroundControl and SPL Stream servers were replaced by UV Hub server. SPL Tracks server was redesigned and renamed to UV Tracks.