Global Tracking and Control for Autonomous Boats

If you are thinking about making an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) for the ocean exploration or for competing in Microstransat Challege, you will need a satellite telemetry system for tracking, command, and control of your boat.

Autonomous boat

SPL and NVI telemetry systems support USVs controlled by Rover profile of ArduPilot autopilot.

SPL uses Iridium short burst data (ISBD) satellite communication technology provided by Rock Seven Mobile.

NVI is designed to work with satellite or cellular modems such as Iridium GO! or Iridium Certus.

Satellite communication is relatively expensive, has low bandwidth, and varying signal quality. SPL and NVI telemetry systems use data filtering, compression, caching and other means to minimize and optimize utilization of the communication channel.

Envirover also provides solutions for collecting data from environmental sensors mounted on the USVs, such as water and air quality sensors.